Sunday, August 7, 2011


So this topic somehow made its way onto my news feed on twitter, make sure follow me @LaChicaBonita28, anyway back to the topic at hand, DILDOS! Some say say it's a girl's best friend others say it ain't the real thing ain't nothing happening.  Now, I don't use one but I don't have a problem with them either. A dildo allows you to have safe sex with..... yourself! Well, or others if they are down with spicing up the bedroom. There are a variety of dildos from the classics, to the g-spot  dildos, to the realistic dildos with new creations like the VixSkin dildos. VixSkin dildos feel real and get warm as if it was a real penis! You can get them in all kinds of materials from silicone,  to wood, ceramic, metal or glass .... O_o .... um WTF? to those last four, but anyway to each its own!

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We are going to look at some positives to dildos:
1) They don't cheat
2) They don't talk back
3) They only go where you want them to go
4) For a good price you get ones that feel just like the real thing, warm and everything
5) I'm quite sure it won't break your heart
6) You can have it for the rest of your life
7) If you're into the environment and all..... I think they can be recycled aye? No? ...anyway
8) You can pimp yo dick and customize it to exactly how you like it

So if you need a dildo or any sort of toy for your bedroom and you live in Freeport, G.B. Make sure go and check out Le Chic Lingerie, or you can order your very own dildo at

One of my readers,   made some contributions to the positive list: 
1. guaranteed an orgasm all the time
 2. you don't hafta worry about them coming b4 u


  1. Im actually dead!! ahaha LOL @ positive #7...that's just nasty.

  2. lmbooooooooo wow feels like an educational session just now....WTF with the last for materials is correct