Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rough Roots???

So there is a bit of buzz going around on how I came up with the name rough roots. Well you see, I saw that someone had a blog and I said to my self, "hey Bonnie J you can do this".  So I created this blog, now when I got to the name part I was stuck for about an hour, until I took my hands and ran it through my hair in frustration ..... and bammm I felt some real ROUGH ROOTS. I mean really, someone needs to slap some Dark & Lovely on this biatch.

In case you didn't hear!!!

There will be a documentary of Nicki Minaj , entitled My Time Now, airing on MTV November 28.  You can watch the trailer below.

Nicki Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday, will be released November 22. If you want it before hand you can order it from or itunes.

Jordan Heel Boots???

OK! Soooo who came up with the horrible idea of turning Jordan sneakers into heels. First of all Jordan sneakers are already not that good looking, they sell because of the name, and someone decided to turn them bad boys into space heels. I know for sure that if you are in Nassau, Bahamas, you will be sure to see a few jungalis rocking these. And those of you with horrible taste, these shoes come in all kinds of colors and designs. These ugly sh*t retail at $200.

For those ladies living in cold places..... Burberry Aviator Platform Boots

These new boots retail for about $1095. You might have recently seen them being rocked by Janet Jackson... or Kanye West's supposedly new girlfriend. 

SO what is my first post about? ...... Where the heck is from?

So me and my friend are sitting down watching the check it out video by and my favorite bitch Nicki Minaj. All of a sudden this chick asks me, " is British right? Because he is one weird black man!"So my question is to all of you, since when did black men who are weird have to be British?

But anywhore with a little research I found out that, whose real name is wait for it...... William!, was born in Inglewood (hey what's up, what it do, Inglewood, F*ck you!), California. So this weird black man is from no where other than the United States of America!

Click the link to check out the check it out music video!
Music video - Check it out