Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while, but that's because I am on vacation. Next week the blog will be back in full effect!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kanye West falls down on stage!

While performing in Norway, singer Kanye West took a tumble on stage. At the 1:15 mark squint real hard and you will see him take a fall.


Ass or Titties?

What would you prefer ass or titties? Would you like to have a nice round apple bottom or full milk duds? .......Ass or titties? Do you want to have a Whopper or a Whop?.... Ass or Titties? Do want somewhere for your man to lay his head at night or do u want something for him to grab onto tight?..... Ass or titties? Would you rather have little mosquito bites on your chest or big bodacious breast?......Ass or titties?

But bear in mind as you get older your ass will start to spread and drop. Your once smooth backside will look as if it was riddled with bullet holes from the cellulite...... Ass or titties?

 There will come a time when your nipples stop pointing forward and decide to look down at things. Those perky double d's will turn sad and droop all the way down to your knees. Your once soft nipple will turn dark and become tough like rubber......Ass or titties?

So are you #teambigboobies or #teambigbooty

According to Jerry there are benefits to girls with no ass.....

Gawwww- geous!!!!!

So yesterday I gave the ladies & the fellas who like fellas a "Make yo panties wet" post, so it's only fair to have a post for the fellas and lady kitty lickers. P.S I do support the LGBYT (LesbianGayBisexualYettis&Transexuals) community.

This weeks pick for gawww-gous is an Bahamian born upcoming model who is currently breaking into the model world in Florida. Sherise who goes by the name She Rise is 5'8,  118lbs. For more of She Rise be sure to check out her model profile at Model Mayhem . She Rise will surly make something rise in your pants, this girl is HOT!!!!

Omarion the cure for lesbians?

So I don't know what kinda of high grade coke Omarion is sniffing but this fool said that he is the cure for lesbians. Now who the heck told this fruity booty nigga that woman want him? More like he is the curse to gay men, cause they the only people who want Mr. O.  He is what this booty bandit clown said on twitter:

I swear Omarion is living in a dream world. I was glad to see someone like MissJia set him straight:

Oh you didn't know?

Meeka and her husband speedy
Basketball Hoes Wives star Meeka Claxton threw a pool side bbq party to celebrate her birthday. Most of you know Meeka as the one who left the show after Tami whooped that ass in Paris. Meeka is married to ex basketball bencher Speedy Claxton. Anyway, the Ciroc bottles were in full effect as well as bad shaped women in bikinis (God save our eyes). From the looks at it this party had less than ten people and look pretty *yawn*!

Thank God for the Ciroc girls..the sexiest people at the party


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These Fellas will.....Make yo panties wet

 This post is for the ladies and the fellas who like fellas. Every week or so I will try (keyword here try) and deliver to you guys a make yo panties wet model. Since its the first time I am doing this, it's only right that I use two models from my country the Bahamas. I know people have their preferences so this week we will have a vanilla and chocolate delight! Yummy! So ladies I hope your wearing a panty liner!

Meet Drew Palacious from Grand Bahama Island. He is 6'2, 190lbs. He is a student and just recently finished his Minor in Economics and Fiance at Missouri Valley. You can follow Drew on twitter @drewpala .


Here is Freddie Slugger Lightbourne, Mr Caribbean International 2009 and Mr. Bahamas 2009.

Freddie is from Nassau and he is a personal trainer, a model and a damn good father who takes time out with his kid. So if you are in Nassau and you need a PT, be sure to hit up Freddie ( ), and join TeamSlugger!