Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You can't have it all, even in Hollywood!

You know how people always say you can't have it all. Well, though I don't usually believe in sayings, I think some artist proves it right every time they decide to drop a track.

I mean don't get me wrong these woman are gorgeous, but they can't hold a tune to save their lives! You know those song you love to listen to because it has a good beat, not because the singer sounds good or the song makes sense. Well thats usually the case when listening to songs by these ladies. Besides Rihanna and maybe Keri Hilson, these other ladies are basically socialites these days cause the only thing we do is see them out at parties and on blogs. But I must say, they do have other talents though.

Rihanna is the only one of these ladies with a promising music career and hit singles. If she wanted to though she good easily go into the fashion world. Her fashion sense, though outrageous at times is almost always on point. Besides the Ronald McDonald fire red afro, Rihanna has certainly sported some of the best hair-stlyes to date in hollywood, especially short cuts.

Keri Hilson is just breath taking. I mean her long legs, pretty eyes, beautiful face and flat ass just catches your attention every time you see her.  She is a good song-writter, why didn't she stick to writing songs? Only the one above knows, cause we really could be spared by the sharp notes that stabs one in the ear when she sings.

Cassie, oh Cassie! Yet again another beauty! Besides bending over for Diddy she has no other talents!    -_-

Not my "goodies" Ciara, who would give you "love, sex and magic",  if you could "get up" and give her a hit song that can make her fans wanna "1, 2 step" again and "never ever" wanna stop really needs to do better. And to think back in the da she crowned herself the "Princess of Crunk!" Crunk my a$$. Well at least unlike Cassie, Ciara still has something to offer us, she can dance her butt off and her legs and abs are to die for... Take that Cassie!

Lets not forget the only singer that bases her entire song from three words..... Ashanti. Another singer lacking vocals, she does however has the baddest sideburn game in the industry, Elvis would be proud!.

I would do a write up about other rnb singers like C-Milli, Amerie,Teirra Maria? and Nicole Idontknowhowtospellorsayherlastname who should be included in this list, but they never had a hit to begin with so no....... NEXT!

Though these girls burst our eardrums and make our eyes pop outta socket when they sing, we still love them!


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