Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Arnold survived Maria?!?.....UM WTF?

So the other day, Arnold went bike riding in Santa Monica in a shirt which read, "I survived Maria", with the years 2007-2010 written on the back. The 2007 year is crossed out and 1977 was placed over it with a permanent marker. For those who don't know 1977 was year when Maria and Arnold started dating. Is Arnold trying to tell us something about Maria? Is he trying to put his wife under the bus, whom he cheated on with a maid who has more craters in her face than the moon? Huh Arnold! What the hell are trying to say?

Well it turns out, Arnold had this shirt from last year November. He received it from a farewell party held for Arnold's staff. The shirt though, was designed by Maria's staff, as a joke. You see how sometimes these jokes come to life! It is said that Arnold and Maria are on good terms and they are handling their split in a civilized matter.

But of course, everyone wants to know what Arnold was thinking when he read the shirt. Like dude we know you saw what it said. It's as if he wanted the paps to take photos of him. I guess he felt as if his divorce needed more coverage and he would be damned if he was gonna get out shined by JLo and Marc Crackony.

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