Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These Fellas will.....Make yo panties wet

 This post is for the ladies and the fellas who like fellas. Every week or so I will try (keyword here try) and deliver to you guys a make yo panties wet model. Since its the first time I am doing this, it's only right that I use two models from my country the Bahamas. I know people have their preferences so this week we will have a vanilla and chocolate delight! Yummy! So ladies I hope your wearing a panty liner!

Meet Drew Palacious from Grand Bahama Island. He is 6'2, 190lbs. He is a student and just recently finished his Minor in Economics and Fiance at Missouri Valley. You can follow Drew on twitter @drewpala .


Here is Freddie Slugger Lightbourne, Mr Caribbean International 2009 and Mr. Bahamas 2009.

Freddie is from Nassau and he is a personal trainer, a model and a damn good father who takes time out with his kid. So if you are in Nassau and you need a PT, be sure to hit up Freddie ( ), and join TeamSlugger!


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