Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WTH is up with these girls and drawing on eyebrows?

I swear, if I could find the person who started this new trend that seems the plaque the face of many Bahamian girls (& other places) today, I would give them one good b*tch slap! Ok, I know I'm bias because personally I don't see the need to draw on your eyebrows at all! But if you are going to draw them on try to make them look as natural as possible, isn't that the whole point anyway? I don't know to many people who wear weave so people can look at them and point out that it is weave.

1) Why do you feel the need to draw your eyebrows supper long? I don't know anyone whose eyebrows are naturally like 5inches long.

2) Is it necessary to use a permanent marker, shoe polish, or paint to draw these eyebrows on?

3) Don't you think you should get the arch right? I mean it's so confusing to people when you walk around with a surprised look on your face all day cause your arch (^ ^) is just to high. It also confuses people when your eyebrows look like the straight face smilie (- -).

4) This one gets me the most. Why the hell do you have to shade around the eyebrow with white eyeshadow. Bishes we ain't blind we can see them big black eyebrows on your face already! No need to highlight them!

5) And if you are going to draw on your eyebrows please be reminded to shave off your real ones!

This new beauty or shall i say beast trend really gets to me and I hope fades to black REAL quick!

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  1. Now thats just a hot tragic mess...my people can be so fluckin creative..ugh